• Falova promotes Fertility, it strengthens uterus, prevents abortion and cures infertility.
  • Falova improves chances of conceiving, it is a endocrine stimulant
  • Corrects disorders of female genital tract
  • Corrects menstrual disorders, Lower abdominal pain, tenderness and blocked fallopian tube.
  • Balances Vata and Pitta disorders, nourishes gastrointestinal mucosa, lubricates and enhances the fat soluble vitamins and strengthens the colonic flora.
  • Also useful in oligospermia, spermatorrhea and sexual weakness and Sterility
  • In patients with ovulatory dysfunction,
  • Falova instills successful ovulation, which will often restore normal fertility
  • Usefull for both female and male infertility.

ASTHIVIL tablets

  • A natural calcium supplement
  • Efficacious treatment in osteoporosis and fractures.
  • Maintain the integrity of sketeal system by providing strength and structure to bone and teeth.
  • Reduces age related or seasonal changes in bone mineral density
  • As Natural calcium helps to prevent hair loss and crack nails.