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Restoring Health through Ayurveda

Logo of an organization is a symbol of its values that characterizes its essential driving force. Ailvil draws its strength from the living streams of Restoring Health, creating an identity that relies on Nature to sustain life.

Green, the colour of life reflects the splendour and abundance of Nature, its balance, harmony and stability. Whereas, Blue is a strengthening, cool colors and hence known to reduce heat and anxiety. In color therapy, blue color cures the diseases in person predominant with pitta. The simplicity of Logotype denotes something that arises out of wealth of Lord Dhanwantari (God of health). Double lines at bottom reflect trust and reliability. The curvature leaf element represents our belief on mother nature for healthcare.

Time is the witness that man has relied on Nature for sustenance. Ailvil’s quench began by seeking answers to mankind’s precious health challenges from Mother Nature’s resources. Today Ailvil has become a symbol of commitment, consistent quality and ethics. Our Logo harmonizes ancient ayurveda knowledge with modern science concepts, bringing out the best of mix to the ultimate responder – Human.

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