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Ailvil has an all India presence and the products are made available with consistent quality, commitment and business ethics are the three pillars of this successful organization. Ever since our inception, we are engaged in popularizing our exclusive range of our distinguished result-oriented quality ayurvedic proprietary medicines through our own dedicated field force functioning on the principles of rewarding against performance. Our presence is notable amongst the ayurvedic ethically promoting companies.

Ailvil has started its operation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and continued to established a Domestic presence in 20 states of India with 70 distributors and wholesalers since then. The company has an International presence through distributors in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Ailvil has also shown relative presence in Singapore and Bahrain via associate partners.

Ailvil has a sufficient staff looking after the marketing, supply chain, distribution, purchases, accounting and administration work beholding the domestic and international sales. Our entire field force is regularly trained and qualified for meeting and promoting our brands to Doctors, Chemists, Purchasers, Nurses, etc. They are well equipped by the company to meet and associate with wholesalers and distributors across domestic market.

Indian Presence

• Gujarat
• Maharashtra
• Madhya Pradesh
• Rajasthan
• Delhi
• Tamil Nadu
• Karnataka
• Andhra Pradesh
• Kerala
• Telangana
• Punjab

• Bihar
• West Bengal
• Himachal Pradesh
• Punjab
• Haryana
• Chhattisgarh
• Assam
• Orissa
• Uttar Pradesh
• Goa
• Jammu & Kashmir

Global Presence

• Sri Lanka
• Bangladesh
• Nepal
• Bhutan

• Singapore
• Bahrain
• Yemen

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