Falova Plus

A Tonic for all Uterine Disorders……

Falova Plus is a Phalaghrita in capsule form making it easy for the patients to swallow.

The most unique part of Falova Plus is that the consumption of Falova avoids unusual feelings like Nausea and Vomiting occurring due to pungency in taste of phalaghrita.

Falova Plus is made up of ingredients with pharmacopoeial quality.

Available In : Box of 10 x 10 Capsules Blister Pack

Additional Info :

For best result, Falova Plus capsules shall be taken with warm cow’s milk or warm water.

Avoid intake of cold foods or drinks while on medication. Avoid intake of meat and high calorie diet. Keep away from junk food.

Pack it in a close container or box to protect from direct light and moisture. Store at a room temperature not exceeding 25 oC.

What’s Inside? 

What can I use for? 

  • As per the advice of Medical practitioner for treating all types of uterine disorders.

How to use :

When to avoid :

  • Digestive weakness, impaired digestion
  • Weakness of the liver
  • Suffering from Whitish and foul smelling stool
  • Chronic fever
  • People suffering from obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetics, high cholesterol should use this medicine with precaution.

Dosage :

Special Note

The information provided on this page is not intended to substitute any advice from a registered medical practitioner. The details mentioned here does not advice self medication, diagnosis, treatment or substitution of a prescribed medicine. This product shall be sold to you under the available prescription by a registered medicinal practitioner. You must abide and follow advice given by a registered medicinal practitioner.

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